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PowerShell scheduled job output redirection

PowerShelloutput redirectionscheduled task

Scheduling the script execution is rather common task. You might know that it’s possible to manage scheduled tasks in PowerShell with built-in ScheduledTask module cmdlets. To keep track whether the task ran successfully or not it’s quite useful to redirect the output of the script to a file. PowerShell allows output redirection for all stream types (standard/error/warning/etc), see TechNet about_Redirection help topic.

To be able to run your scripts with -Verbose option you should leverage Advanced_Functions syntax (see another Core About topic). Just add couple of strings to the beginning of the script:


and use Write-Verbose cmdlet throughout the script where chatty output is needed. At first glance it seems to be an easy task to combine all the mentioned together, but in fact I saw lots of questions across the web where people struggled to make it work. Indeed, it took much effort before I succeeded. I’ve tested many different configuration and most of them didn’t work for me too. That’s what I came up with and it worked for me:

Register-ScheduledJob .. -ScriptBlock { C:\Scheduled.ps1 -Verbose *> 'C:\Scheduled.log' }