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ForEach: cmdlet vs keyword


Here is a little note about the difference of these two loop constructions.

foreach is a reserved keyword in PowerShell that allows you to loop through a collection of objects and make some action on every item. Inside the foreach loop $foreach automatic variable is available. It presents the loop enumerator and can be used, for instance, to skip the current object in collection (.MoveNext() method).

ForEach-Object is a cmdlet doing almost the same thing but the difference is the usecase. Since the collection is piped to the cmdlet the objects are pushed down the pipeline as soon as they are generated. It affects the performance greatly when a collection isn’t created at the start of processing. When the latter is long-time operation, using the cmdlet you can achieve much better overall performance than using its sibling keyword. In other cases one should consider using the keyword for higher execution speed.

Since both have the same alias foreach, PowerShell parser is smart enough to choose the appropriate construction depending on the place it is used.